The increase of Medicaid patients is driving value-based care

Medicaid is more than a safety net to millions; it’s a lifeline that must be preserved and protected for those who truly need it. A NACHC analysis revealed that in 2018, health centers served 1 in 5 Medicaid beneficiaries, an increase from 1 in 6 the previous year.

With the growing Medicaid patient base, it’s important to ensure you are collecting the funds available. In a recent speech to the National Association of Medicaid Directors, Administrator Seema Verma discussed the importance of protecting the nation’s vulnerable and ensuring the long-term sustainability of Medicaid and other support programs, especially with the growing number of baby boomers.  In the speech, Verma announced CMS will be making changes to grant and payment models designed to drive value-based care through initiatives such as the Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Scorecard.

What does this mean for FQHCs? Exactly what this means remains uncertain; however, as changes are announced, we’ll keep you updated. We recommend continuously checking the self-pay balances to ensure you are paid the maximum reimbursements allowed for any claimable retroactive Medicaid payments. For more information check out our fact sheet.

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