Sasha Babulal

Human Resource Specialist and Office Administrator

Sasha is our Human Resource Specialist and Office Administrator. She brings a very cohesive and open environment in the organization. Her core responsibility is to offer a balanced environment in the pandemic era and demanding requirements in complex organizational needs. She is responsible for making sure that there is proper coordination with the implementation of people-related services, policies, and programs. She makes sure that everyone has the necessary resources to carry out their everyday work functions effectively and efficiently.

Sasha developed her passion for being a resource for others while working as a peer mentor throughout college. She comes with a strong background in healthcare and administrative services. Sasha has a Bachelors of Health Science from York College CUNY and is currently pursuing her Masters in Healthcare Administration at the University of Scranton. Originally from Queens, New York, she also volunteers for the Indo-Caribbean community and provides her services whenever needed.

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