Improve patient care and your bottom line

Our 340B pharmacy solutions help you offer your patients increased access to the medications they need, when and where they need them, which improves both quality of care and your financials.

ACE Healthcare Solutions develops 340B pharmacy solutions that improve patient access to 340B drugs, increase patient satisfaction and generate revenue.
Why consider a 340B pharmacy solution?

Implementing a 340B pharmacy solution improves patient access to and utilization of 340B drugs by offering fulfillment at the Point of Care, and at the same time generates additional revenue streams for your facility.

Not only does it ensure your patients get access to the medications they need (thus improving patient compliance rates), but it also improves your overall quality of care and bottom line. It’s particularly powerful when you also add new specialties such as Infectious Disease, Geriatric and Pulmonary.

Benefits of choosing us as your 340B pharmacy solutions partner

We achieve results!

Our 340B pharmacy solutions help you:

  • Improve quality of care
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Increase patient compliance
  • Reduce your overhead costs
  • Maintain HRSA compliance

When you choose us as your 340B solutions partner, you’ll benefit from:

  • Industry expertise: We are pioneers in delivering 340B contract pharmacy services and specialized distribution programs for FQHCs.
  • Skilled staff: Our management team and 340B specialists have long term experience working for and with FQHCs – we understand your unique operational environment.
  • Robust processes and systems: Our policies, procedures and platforms ensure compliance with 340B program requirements, reducing your risk and liability.

Our 340B Pharmacy Solutions

Management & Consulting

We evaluate your existing operation and patient mix, to understand your 340B goals (e.g. drug discounts, revenues, service expansion). We then work with you on a plan to achieve those goals. During this phase, we look at the services provided at each of your sites, the number of encounters by payer mix, any pharmacy arrangements already in place, and existing resources available for ongoing pharmacy management.

Managing In-house Pharmacy

Outsourcing the management of an existing in-house pharmacy can reduce overhead, improve efficiency and generate additional revenue. Our experienced management team works directly with pharmacy staff to deliver maximum capture rates, improve pharmacy performance, increase patient medication compliance, and expand pharmacy services.

Compliance & Reporting

We implement policies and procedures that ensure 340B program compliance. Our adjudication platform controls diversion risk by ensuring 340B drugs are only available to eligible patients. You are kept up to date via our customized reporting which is tailored to your needs.

In-House & Contracted

We help you choose the best combination of pharmacy options to meet your facility and patient requirements. We work closely with 340B administration companies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers to ensure seamless implementation and consolidated reporting, and we offer offsite service through our central pharmacy to ensure that both you and your patients receive the desired services at no extra cost.

Recapture Program

Where in-house pharmacy is not feasible, we leverage the recapture programs of our partners to achieve maximum prescription revenues. Our partners offer “real-time” comprehensive integrated solutions that reduce the 340B program challenges of regulatory compliance, patient eligibility, pharmacy replenishment, program tracking, and reporting.

Formulary & Pricing

We analyze your prescription patterns to create facility and site specific formulary and pricing, so that you can offer maximum benefit to 340B eligible patients. We also work directly with providers to develop seasonal formularies and Low Cost Generic programs.

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