Think big. Go big.

We specialize in FQHC practice expansion strategies. We look for ways to expand your practice and patient base, such as increasing your range of services, developing and leveraging partnerships with like-minded organizations and providers, and balancing your patient mix to ensure financial sustainability.

Practice expansion leads to healthier patients and bottom line!

The evolution of healthcare services has resulted in challenges like funding restrictions, increased reporting requirements, tighter government regulations and more competition. FQHCs need to improve operational performance and become financially independent, to continue providing better health outcomes for local communities.

It’s important to look for new ways to expand your patient base and create new revenue sources. We know the industry, and are attuned to the needs of your patients and the physicians who serve them.

Our Key Focus Areas


Have you thought about the power of your referrals? We analyze your referral pattern, finding ways to leverage these relationships and bring additional patients to your practice. This could include partnering with neighborhood practices or providers that have a like-minded vision, especially pediatric and dental, or adding new specialties to your service mix.

Economies of Scale

Are there opportunities to improve or add services based on community need? We help you scale for efficiency by understanding your demographics and identifying current trends. We look at trends by patients, by neighborhood, by current services offered, and by common insurance plans being used in your area.


Who are your current patients, and how do you attract new patients? We help you identify and focus on specific patient groups, and develop strategies to provide care for their unique needs. As part of this process, we look for ways to balance your patient mix, which promotes long term financial sustainability.


We examine the financials of your referral and specialty patients, to determine the strength of existing partnerships, identify potential growth opportunities, and ensure that the partnership meets both your patient and facility needs.

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