Maximize your FQHC revenue

Our FQHC billing and revenue cycle solutions optimize every phase of your revenue cycle, from patient registration to final payment, improving your bottom line as well as patient and provider satisfaction.

ACE Healthcare Solutions offers FQHC billing and revenue cycle solutions that maximize your revenue, reduce costs and improve cash flow.
Why consider a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution?

With expanding patient populations, increased competition, shortage of qualified staff, funding constraints, and ever-changing regulatory and payor environments, it’s critical, now more than ever, to have an optimized RCM process.

Even if you have an internal billing department, it can be difficult to keep up with industry changes and increased volume. Streamlining your existing process or implementing a more efficient billing solution ensures that you are always aligned with industry changes, maintains regulatory compliance, increases your income (collections), and reduces your overhead costs – ultimately improving your cash flow.

Benefits of choosing us as your FQHC billing solutions partner

We achieve results! 

Our FQHC billing and revenue cycle solutions help you:

  • Increase your revenue (collections)
  • Decrease your overhead costs
  • Reduce payment lag time
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Boost both patient and provider satisfaction
  • Stay up to date with regulatory changes

When you choose us as your billing partner, you’ll benefit from:

  • Collaboration:  Our staff becomes an extension of your practice. We are your advocate and aggressively work every claim through to resolution.
  • Robust processes:  Our streamlined workflow management system delivers improved financial metrics, regular reporting and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Skilled staff:  We employ billing experts in all medical specialties that typically provide services for FQHCs.

Our Billing and Revenue Cycle Solutions

Management & Consulting

We work with you to fully understand your billing challenges, looking at all aspects covering revenue cycle management, software, coding, front office process, and financial process and procedures. We review your existing operations, focusing on systems, processes, accounts receivable and recovery services, to identify areas for improvement. We then recommend ways to make the most of your FQHC benefits, leading to increased revenue.

Billing & Collections

We focus on reducing rejected claims and lowering the average days and amounts outstanding in your accounts receivable, which means more revenue…more quickly. Our experienced staff provides physician-billing services for all aspects of FQHC, CHC and FQHC Look-Alike billing and coding, including Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial Insurance. We employ billing experts in all medical specialities that typically provide service for FQHCs and CHCs.


We keep you informed on the status of your billing via regular customized reporting including location, provider and productivity, end of month financial summary, UDS and cost reporting, and coding reviews.


Accurate provider credentialing is critical to successful FQHC revenue generation – it makes the difference between getting paid and not. We can provide credentialing services for all your locations and providers, which gives you more time to concentrate on your patients. We complete all applications and perform the necessary follow up to achieve successful credentialing. Progress reports are provided electronically either on a weekly basis, or as required to meet your needs.

Contract Support

Due to the complexity in health plans, a large percentage of providers are under-contracted. We can assist when you negotiate or renegotiate your contracts, to ensure that you receive the best possible reimbursement rates.

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