Practice expansion leads to healthier patients and bottom line!

Ask yourself the following questions… and if you’re not sure of the answers, you could be missing out on significant revenue and growth opportunities.

  • Have you thought about the power of your referrals?
  • Do you know that your pharmacy is a HUGE power house of your service?
  • Are you maximizing the financial benefits available to you through your billing?
  • Do you have programs in place to meet HRSA Patient Targets?
Contact us to find out how we’ve helped other FQHCs to grow their patient base… you could be one of them!
Our Services

Revenue Cycle SRevenue cycle managementolutions

Helping you meet your financial goals. We optimize every phase of your revenue cycle, from patient registration to final payment. We have a proven track record in maximizing revenue and reducing payment turnaround time. Learn more about our revenue cycle solutions.


340B pharmacy solutions
340B Pharmacy Solutions
Improving patient access to pharmaceutical care. We help you offer your patients increased access to the medications they need, when then need them. The benefits for you – improved compliance rates, reduced costs and additional revenue streams. Learn more about our 340B pharmacy solutions.


Practice expansion

Practice Expansion Solutions
Think big. Go big.
We look for new ways to expand your practice, such as increasing your range of services, developing and leveraging partnerships with key organizations or providers, and balancing your patient mix to ensure financial sustainability. Learn about our practice expansion solutions.

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