Dentistry encompasses a better bill a health

It’s no secret that dentistry compliments overall health and wellbeing. With employers providing and paying for insurance, it’s not the most surprising that cavities and tooth decay can cost employers a very pretty penny.

Here’s some surprising stats from the article:

  • “One in five children ages 6 to 11 and one in four adults have untreated cavities.
  • On average, 34 million school hours are lost each year because of emergency dental care.”

Additionally, dentistry is key to fighting and managing chronic health conditions while it also lends a hand in providing patients value-based care. For example, pediatric dentistry may help prevent childhood obesity.

HRSA has a funding opportunity for those that have and are interested in growing their dentistry program. Eligible applicants are:

  • Programs of general, pediatric, or public health dentistry in public or private nonprofit dental or dental hygiene schools
  • Approved residency in general, pediatric or public health dentistry
  • Advanced education programs in the practice of general, pediatric or public health dentistry

HRSA expects to provide grant recipients about $100,000.00. The deadline for this grant is Monday, April 19, 2021.

Dentistry is a key service to offer patients of all ages. Whether it's general dentistry or a specialty dentistry service that your patient base requires, it is a key component to good overall health and wellness. We can help you partner with local dentistry providers to treat your pediatric, adolescent and adult patients.

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