Practice expansion: Driving revenue through the five chronic conditions that cost employers

Americans have and continue to struggle with chronic illnesses and conditions. From overly successful fast-food chains like McDonalds on every block, super-sized sodas offered for no additional monetary cost to a culture that recognizes those that working around the clock instead of those that have a healthy work life balance – it’s not surprising that The United States has a surplus of people with chronic health conditions.

Most chronic health conditions are preventable through a healthy diet and lifestyle. Because employers pay for health, dental and vision insurances – at a basic plan level – it’s not that surprising that employers end up paying “90 percent of the nation’s $3.8 trillion in annual health care expenditures for people with chronic and mental health conditions.” Heart disease and stroke are the culprit for the highest number of cause of deaths, totaling at one third. Heart disease and stroke is followed by cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy and untreated cavities (tooth decay). According to the article, the causes are all controllable issues: smoking, lack of physical activity and excessive alcohol use.

With the majority of Americans suffering from these – sometimes lifelong – illnesses, it’s essential to your business practices, patient growth and revenue to have providers that can treat these issues and allow your patients to fill their recurring prescriptions through your specialty 340B Pharmacy – in-house or contracted.

Let's talk about your patient's chronic conditions, what medications they need and which like-minded practices you have close to you that can create partnerships to best serve your patients.

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