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It’s hard to believe that we’re already more than halfway through the year, and what a busy year it’s been so far! Over the past few months, we’ve refreshed our brand, expanded our team, and exhibited at conferences in several states.

Keep reading to learn more about the changes we’re making to our brand, and one of our key takeaways from the events we’ve attended… the importance of 340B.

Since ACE Health Consultant was launched in 2013, we have grown exponentially, both in size and service offerings. We’ve recently transitioned our brand name to ACE Healthcare Solutions, to better reflect our focus on providing “FQHC solutions that work” and our mission which is:

to offer financial independence for FQHC facilities by streamlining revenue cycles, offering better access to medication for patients and identifying growth opportunities. This results in better financial outcomes for facilities, and better health outcomes for everyone we serve. 

Keep an eye out for more changes!

One of our key takeaways from the conferences we attended is increased focus on 340B. We’re excited, since pharmacy can be a huge power house of your service. Not only does it ensure your patients get access to the medications they need (thus improving patient compliance rates), but it also improves your overall quality of care and bottom line. It’s particularly powerful when you add new specialties.

The best way to demonstrate this is to show how our 340B and practice expansion solutions have made a difference to one of our clients. After reading their story, contact us to see how we can help you create your own success story!

Our client knew they needed to grow in order to meet their patient targets and be sustainable. In early 2016, they had ~6,500 patients, one pharmacy, and an in-house capture rate of only 11%. We helped them add two new in-house pharmacies, plus Geriatric, Infectious Disease and Pulmonary specialties. The results? As at mid 2017:

  • Grew patient base to 11,500
  • Increased capture rate to +60%
  • Revenue growth 300%
Success story: 300% revenue growth in less than 12 months!
Create your own success story!

Our 340B solutions enable you to offer fulfillment at the Point of Care, while ensuring 340B program compliance. We work with you to develop and implement pharmacy options that meet your facility and patient requirements, benefiting both your patients and your bottom line.

Learn more about our 340B solutions.

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