Patients over Paperwork: CMS is seeking your input!

CMS is seeking information and ideas from the public – patients and their families, the medical community and other healthcare stakeholders – for ideas of how to reduce the amount of red tape to result in better healthcare for its Patients over Paperwork initiative. The initiative’s focus is centered on getting physicians to spend more time with their patients to provide quality care and less time on paperwork.

CMS’ Patients over Paperwork initiative works toward reducing the administrative, regulatory burden. This will, in turn, reduce healthcare costs! “Since [its launch] in 2017, [the initiative] has streamlined regulations to significantly cut the amount of ‘red tape’ that weighs down [the] healthcare system and takes clinicians away from caring from their primary mission – caring for patients” (CMS, 2019). CMS estimates that Patients over Paperwork will save the healthcare system, by the end of 2021, 40 million hours and $5.7 billion.

How did the CMS implement what they have so far? CMS gathered information from medical and patient communities through other requests for information, listening sessions and on-site meetings with clinicians on the front line, healthcare staff and patients.

Your feedback is vital to the success of the CMS’ mission. The deadline for such information is Monday, August 12, 2019.

CMS is looking to improve:

  • Reporting and documentation requirements
  • Coding and documentation requirements for Medicare or Medicaid payment
  • Prior authorization procedures
  • Policies and requirements for rural providers, clinicians and beneficiaries
  • Policies and requirements for dually enrolled (i.e. Medicare and Medicaid)
  • Beneficiary enrollment and eligibility determination
  • CMS processes for issuing regulations and policies

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