COVID-19’s effect on pediatric patients


COVID-19 has accomplished a lot of things through its quarantine. It has transitioned telehealth and encouraged several to go and stay home around the world and has worked to reduce pollution and carbon footprints. The education system went home and became virtual, employees either transitioned into a work from home model, were furloughed or were laid off, nursing homes and hospitals closed their doors to visitors, non-essential surgeries were pushed and hospitals moved to an all hands on deck approach where different specialists rotated in the emergency rooms to treat incoming cases and potential COVID-19 patients.

Everyone has every level has been affected by COVID-19. Pediatric patients are no exception. With all of these pushes to stay home, pediatric patients received far less vaccinations than previously. According to the CDC, children ages 2 to 18 saw a decrease in vaccinations from the time that COVID-19 was announced in and reacted to by Americans. Children ages 3 to 18, while still receiving vaccinations, have received more vaccinations than those between the ages of 0 and 2.

As school boards begin to prepare for the new school year, it’s possible that there will be other outbreaks, such as the measles, in addition to the flu and COVID-19 in the fall.

Are you prepared for the outbreaks and to vaccinate your pediatric patient base before the beginning of the school year?

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