The history and future of 340B pharmacy

In one of Drug Channels’ latest blog posts, Drug Channels News Roundup, February 2020: Amazon Care, Generics in Part D, Rebates vs List Prices, Walmart Health, and Cheetos, Drug Channels touched on the fact that the majority (53 percent) of generic drugs are non-generic tiers in Part D. For example, Medicare Part D plans have rejected the therapeutically identical and lower-priced versions of the drugs that treat hepatitis C. Today, those that are  benefiting from Medicare Part D plans (are the plans) and the seniors who don’t require specialty medications.

Are you protecting the seniors that come through your facility by assisting them with their 340B options?

The 340B program has been and continues to evolve, as it should, as its participant’s needs change.

The recent 340B Coalition Winter Conference entertained conversations of how to utilize the program to tackle some our nation’s largest issues, including addressing health care access, affordability challenges and how the 340B program can work to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030.

HRSA released new notices on the Office of Pharmacy Affairs Website on March 30, 2020. Make sure your facility is up to date with HRSA’s requirements.

Let's talk about your patient base and their 340B pharmacy needs that can drive your revenue.

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