Americans are coping with the pandemic… but at what cost?

When hurricanes come to Florida, Floridians typically throw parties in between their errands for the grocery store, sandbags and plywood. COVID-19 originally brought hurricane-like preparations across the nation with it and some parties. As COVID-19 cases increase with states reopening, so do domestic violence cases and alcohol sales – online and in-person. Experts believe that mental and behavioral health specialties are going to be especially important as Americans continue to purchase large quantities of inexpensive alcohol.

According to Nielsen data, “for the week ending March 14, 2020 off-premise outlets such as liquor and grocery stores saw wine sales increase by 27.6 percent, spirits by 26.4 percent and beer, cider and malt beverages by 14 percent. Sales of 3-liter boxes of wine rose by 53 percent and 24-packs of beer increased by 24 percent. Online alcohol sales increased by 42 percent year-on-year.”

Prior to the riots throughout the nation, “multiple cities [were] reporting a decrease in property crimes, [and] a rise in domestic violence [cases]. Child abuse cases may also be increasing – while national data is not available, a Fort Worth hospital that usually sees eight cases in a month saw six in [one] week.”

History shows that the habits being practiced now will become a problem later. Are you prepared for the increase of patients with mental health, alcoholism and abuse issues?

We can help implement the behavioral health specialties and programs these patients will need.

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