CMS is creating a better experience for patients and providers

Last year, CMS worked tirelessly to transform health care for providers and patients in order to deliver both parties a better experience.

CMS has a relentless goal to provide patients better value and results through its patients over paperwork initiative. Realizing it’s impossible to improve one without the other, CMS turned its attention to providers and worked to decrease their amount of “red tape.” The decrease of “red tape” and paperwork that providers have allows them more time to treat their patients and deliver quality patient care. CMS will continue to work on this program to reward providers for their high quality treatment plans. Check out CMS’ 16 strategic initiatives to see how CMS is making it better for both parties.

More good news? CMS is supporting providers in small practices through technology to make them more successful and will provide technological support through its no-cost, small, under served and rural support initiative, the Quality Payment Program. The assistance is available to practices with 15 or less clinicians, including those located in: rural areas, designated health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) and medically underserved areas (MUAs). Facilities are considered a priority if they are located in rural areas, HSPAs or MUAs.

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