Make your 340B program audit ready!

If you received a HRSA 340B audit notice today, would you be ready?

It’s not a secret that 340B pharmacy can be a powerhouse for achieving financial independence, but it does require significant effort to meet compliance requirements. Unfortunately, many times the word “audit” can create chaos in the most calm workplaces – but it doesn’t have to.

You can create the environment for a smooth HRSA audit by having a comprehensive 340B audit procedure in place. We recommend:

  1. Monthly self-audit of at least 30 random pharmacy claims to monitor for diversion, duplicate discounts and auditable records.
  2. Annual self-audit to review accuracy of HRSA database records including eligibility documents, registered child sites and contract pharmacies, contact personnel, and addresses.
  3. Annual independent external audit following the HRSA audit structure to gain an objective opinion of the overall compliance of your program.

If this sounds too complicated to integrate into your pharmacy, we can help! We have specialty experience participating in HRSA 340B audits and offer independent 340B Compliance Audits to ensure program integrity and data accuracy. Our services focus on providing audits that are structured similar to HRSA’s audit objectives, designed to work directly with your staff, and to provide timely guidance and solutions to assist your organization.

Our independent audits help ensure that your 340B pharmacy services exceed HRSA's requirements.

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