Turning pediatric patients’ lemons into lemonade

How many adolescent patients visit your center? Are you equipped to care for their mental health?

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), 4 out of 10 adults (ages 18 and older) – approximately 10.3 million people – that suffer from mental illness, reported thoughts of suicide and did not receive the care they needed. In the past year, 3 million adolescents (ages 12-17) have reported having a major depressive disorder.

Additionally and unfortunately, new HRSA data shows that one in three children, under the age of 18, has suffered at least one adverse childhood experience (ACEs). The American Academy of Pediatrics describes ACEs as stressful or traumatic events that occur during childhood and are strongly related to a wide range of health problems throughout that individual’s lifetime. The most to least common ACEs are having a parent/guardian that was separated (23.4%), living with anyone with an alcohol or drug problem (8%) and living with parent/guardian served jail time (7.4%).

Many of those affected rely on community health centers. Are you equipped to care for these patients through their highest highs and lowest lows?

Let's talk about how we can expand your practice to encompass behavioral health and change lives together.

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