Have you considered partnering with an FQHC?

Are you looking to expand your practice but are not sure where to start?

In a new series that covers interesting subjects to FQHCs and providers that work with them, the law firm of Foley & Lardner LLP highlight five tips for contracting with FQHCs and why it’s important to partner with them. Working alongside “FQHCs [is] essential to serve patients in high-need areas and strengthen the social safety net. For providers, collaborating with FQHCs can also open the door to operational efficiencies, enhanced community presence, deeper patient relationships and improved business models.” Partnering with FQHCs benefits the community, patient, provider and practice.

If you’re not completely sure where to start looking for practice expansion opportunities, refer to our fact sheet for three steps that will help you identify them. Practice expansion may include adding specialty services in or out of house, such as infectious disease, pediatrics, behavioral health or pediatric behavioral health, to care for your patient population.

Let's talk about how we can expand your practice together.

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