Rejections and denials are so last year!

What would your revenue and A/R look like if your claims weren’t rejected or denied?

Rejections and denials occur for several different reasons and cause unfavorable things to happen, such as increasing your AR. The best way to avoid future rejections and denials is to gain an understanding of why the claim was originally rejected or denied, correct it before resubmitting it to the payer and train the department that caused the error.

What happens when denied and rejected claims are not handled well? Your facility:

  • Does not receive reimbursement for the services provided
  • May experience an increase of unnecessary write-offs
  • A loss of productivity due to your team members following up on previous payments instead of working new claims
  • An increased cost per claim

These results, individually or altogether, cause your bottom line to suffer.

We have six tips and tricks to help you increase your percentage of “clean” claims and improve your bottom line:

  1. Capture patient information upfront
  2. Verify eligibility and benefits
  3. Check the information’s accuracy
  4. Understand payer policies
  5. Use correct coding
  6. Avoid duplicate billing

Let's talk about how we can decrease your denial rate and drive your bottom line together.

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